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          Comprehensive strength Top ten Committed to becoming a leader in the automotive electronics industry




          2008  IYING  was established in Shenzhen

          2009  1,000 SM industry Park, 80 workers, output 1,000pcs/month

          2010  Established oversea sales deparment. 2,000SM industry Park, 120 workers, output 2,000pcs/month.

          2011  Released Mstar 776 platform for special car navigation system; 4,000SM industry Park, 200workers, output 4,000pcs/months, release 150models.

          2012  Began R&D "navigation & multimedia interface",  setup the branch office in UAE.

          2013  Setup the branch office is Brazil; 8,000SM industry Park, 500workers, output 20,000pcs/months, release 280models.

          2014  Began R&D " Android system" and Car PAD system,  setup the branch office in Peru & Chile; 12,000SM industry Park, 600workers, output 40,000pcs/months, release 350models.

          2015  Released Android 4.4; setup the branch office in Peru & Chile; 16000SM industry Park, 700workers, output 50,000pcs/months, release 400models.

          2016  Releasing Android 5.1 system and numbers of new products coming soon.

          2017  We sucessfully release  T3  android 6.0/ T3 android 7.1 version car pad which help us great sales in oversea mraket .

          2018  Become the first manufacturer to release PX5 android  8.0 with carpaly/IPS/2.5D and the first manufacturer to release  android 4G version car pad which is welcoming by a lot of customer .